Spirit Aeronautical Systems Technology – SAS Technology is an unmanned systems manufacturer of various fixed wing (FW) and multirotor (MR) unmanned platforms. It is also manufactures a series of ground support equipment necessary for the operation of its unmanned systems.  Company’s focus at the present time is the heavy load MR platforms (UAVs).

Scope of the company is the development of competitive and innovative unmanned systems with main focus on (but not limited to) aeronautical applications.

The SAS team’s project portfolio includes a rich spectrum of projects, ranging from MALE UAS of 200kg MTOW, to various fixed wing and VTOL projects and multicopters. The multicopters has been decided to be the initial SAS priority, so the new venture starts with the EMPUSA EMP-series multicopters, which for the time being, comprises the following:

  • EMP-X6 hexacopter of MTOGW of 10kg
  • EMP-X4 quadcopter with MTOGW of 4.5 kg

SAS Technology offers highest possible flexibility for a broad range of missions and applications.
For that reason the systems can be customized to cover a large variety of missions such as:

  • Surveillance
  • Measuring / mapping, mining and archaeology
  • Inspection and documentation of real estate
  • Inspection of critical infrastructure and construction sites
  • Search and rescue (SAR)
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Photography, film and movies
  • Industrial applications
  • Scientific research & development
  • Aerial deliveries
  • Special operations