Risk Assessment Manuals

Risk assessment is the process of assessing safety and health risks arising from existing risks (sources of risk) and it is prerequisite when submitting an application to HCAA for obtaining an operating lisence in the specific category. It is a systematic examination of all aspects necessary to safeguard flight safety, which studies:

  • what could cause injury or damage
  • whether the sources of danger could be eliminated or not,
  • what preventive or protective measures have been or should be put in place to control the risks.

An operational risk assessment shall

  • describe the characteristics of the UAS operation;
  • propose adequate operational safety objectives;
  • identify the risks of the operation on the ground and in the air considering all of the below:
    • the extent to which third parties or property on the ground could be endangered by the activity
    • the complexity, performance and operational characteristics of the unmanned aircraft involved
    • the purpose of the flight, the type of UAS, the probability of collision with other aircraft and class of airspace used
    • the type, scale, and complexity of the UAS operation or activity, including, where relevant, the size and type of the traffic handled by the responsible organization or person
    • the extent to which the persons affected by the risks involved in the UAS operation are able to assess and exercise control over those risks.
  • identify a range of possible risk mitigating measures;
  • determine the necessary level of robustness of the selected mitigating measures in such a way that the operation can be conducted safely