FPV Drone Race

FPV Multicopters although they have been around for a long time in the world of drones, have become the latest trend both for the unique flying experience they offer, but also for the extraordinary video and photo shots they can record, which offer new cinematic possibilities thanks to the quirky and limitless way of fly.

Those who seek to enrich their videos and productions by collecting footage with new flight techniques and upgraded flight capabilities, are also the ones who stand out in this area and those who makes the difference.

The acronym FPV (First Person View), with the special masks – glasses (goggles) places the pilot inside the aircraft and travels him with his handling in a unique virtual reality experience. Their ability to fly in special locations with incredible speeds and extreme inclines, which can not be achieved by conventional commercial drones, has opened new horizons for their users, while large manufacturers are already submitting their commercial proposals and have entered this area of drones dynamically with complete solutions.

These particular drones are supported by a huge community worldwide, which is gradually beginning to take shape in the Greek airspace also. Professional championships and races in specially designed tracks and arenas, with large prizes and support of important sponsors, gives special moments and great emotions to the contenstants and the audience that attends them.

Horizon Drone Academy offers training in those systems, analyzing step by step all the aspects and safety rules that must be followed, in order to transfer this experience to each drone operator.

In the training, the following are analyzed, through our learning platform LMS:

Mylticopter Parts
Software and Settings
Safety Rules
Community and Leagues

! The student can also attend the lessons from a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet).
! At the end of each training, a certificate of attendance is awarded by the academy.