Whether you’re a recreational drone pilot and fly for fun or whether you’re looking to get serious and become a Professional Drone Operator our expert training team is here to help you take your drone flying skills to the next level.

The new regulations being introduced from 31/12/2020 can seem a little tricky to understand at first glance but that’s why we’re here for.

We have a number of training courses which enable all drone pilots to get the most out of their gear, whatever type of drone flying you enjoy.

“HORIZON” drone academy provides the following training to:

  • People who are interested in obtaining a drone pilot certificate and operate
    • In the open category
    • In the specific category
  • People who are interested in the specialty of a drone pilot instructor
  • Companies – operators of drones where their flight operations fall into the specific category


  • Delegated EU regulation 2019/945 on UAS and on third country operators of UAS
  • Implementing EU regulation 2019/947 on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircrafts
  • Implementing EU regulation 2020/639 amending implementing EU regulation 2019/947 as regards standard scenarios for operations executed in or beyond the visual line of sight
  • Implementing EU regulation 2020/46 amending implementing EU regulation 2019/947 as regards new deadlines adapted to the current situation
  • Commission delegated EU regulation 2020/1058 amending Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 as regards the introduction of two new unmanned aircraft systems classe

Please find here our certifiacates costs.